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Saetia's TOS

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  • Notes are fine.

  • I am cool doing a variety of subject matter, but I have my strengths and weaknesses. I am open to all different types of animal species (including humans), settings, scenarios and genders. I am not very comfortable with heavy machinery, vehicles, detailed weaponry, or complex architecture.

  • You must provide me with ALL information.  I will try to be accommodating, but I may not change things if you did not tell me you wanted them in the first place!  If I mess up, I will change it upon request.

  • I will typically provide you with a sketch for approval with your commission, and upon approval will make changes you request and finish the commission.  After this stage, I will not make changes to anatomy and posing.  I will then finish the commission (this does not apply to ref sheets, where I will show you the sketch, inks, flats and final stage). I will usually not make changes unless they are due to my error, but I am flexible; please ask.  I will not charge for small changes, such as adding small accessories or changing hair color.  Charging for changes is at my discretion.

  • For warmups and wing-it commissions I will not usually provide a sketch.  If you wish to see one, please ask!

Discounts: I give discounts if I really like your character, sometimes for repeat customers I have had good experiences with, sometimes when pieces are requested with my characters, and occasionally when I post discount commissions, such as when I need to experiment with something.  These are given at my discretion, please don’t ask!

All commission inquiries regarding subject matter will be kept private.

I will never draw:

  • Non-consent.  This includes kids, feral porn and rape.

  • Gore.  A little blood is okay sometimes.

  • Hate art, including military/police uniforms.

  • Anything involving excrement.

  • Anything else I am uncomfortable with.  Don’t be afraid to ask :)


  • Payment is due up-front before any work has begun. If you have bid on an auction, payment is due within 48 hours. If payment is not tendered or you do not contact me, you will be banned from future bidding! I reserve the right to hide bids from suspicious accounts.

  • I will work with you on a payment plan on more expensive custom commissions, such as reference sheets.  This does not apply for prepose auctions; you must tender payment in full up front.  I will begin work after payment is made in full.

  • Please do not pay me until I have accepted your commission.

  • My paypal address is novareproject(at)

  • PAYPAL ONLY. I accept payment in the form of gift cards or gifts rarely, by journal announcement.

  • I always accept tips and am always very grateful!


  • If I am unable to start your commission, or you have to cancel before work has begun, you will be refunded in full.

  • I may cancel a commission at any time, for any reason. The commissioner may also cancel a commission at any time, for any reason.

  • In the case of a cancellation, on your part, after work has already begun, you will receive a refund minus a fee for any work done during this time. A cancellation on my part will receive a full refund unless it is due to commissioner conduct.

  • No refunds after art is complete.

Turn-around and Deadlines

  • Commissions are generally worked on one at a time, in the order in which they were received. If you are at the bottom of the queue, do not rush me. I will drop commissioners who are too pushy.

  • I occasionally take rush commissions, but please tell me as far ahead of time as possible.  I may charge a fee.  .  My turnaround is typically quite fast.


  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason, and am in no way obligated to provide a reason in the case of refusal.

  • Unless I have explicitly stated otherwise, I will retain all copyright to my artwork, even when characters contained within the work belong to the commissioner. It is in my right to post, distribute, copy, reproduce, etc for sale or promotion.

  • You are free to post any commission done for you to a personal/public gallery, so long as credit is provided. I do, however, ask you do not re-post commissions and their full size to public galleries, and do not remove my signature on the image.

  • I am not obligated to post your commission to my gallery, or anywhere else.

  • You have permission to crop your commission for websites, banners, signatures, icons, and so on provided there is credit.

  • You do NOT have permission to alter the artwork in any way, save for cropping.  This includes adding text, changing colors or poses, or coloring linework.  If you are interested in a special commission which you plan to alter for your personal use, or a collaboration, please talk to me beforehand so we can discuss it.

  • You have permission to make prints/copies of the image so long as it is for personal use and no profit is made.

  • Please discuss things with me if you want to purchase an image's full copyright/publishing rights.

  • I reserve the right to use rejected sketches (i.e. if you rejected a sketch for a whole new pose) for my own use, but altering it to not look like your character at all.

You may alter any character you purchase from me in any way you choose, but please do not alter the artwork.  If you need something changed on the original artwork, please let me know and we can discuss it.
Please do not resell adoptables for more than you paid, unless of course they come with extra art.
Credit for the original design is appreciated, but not necessary.

Contacting me

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or are just curious about your commission's status, feel free to note me.  I will respond as soon as I can.

  • Please be polite and do not hound me constantly.  I don’t use messengers aside from Skype (saetiahyena).  Disrespectful behavior, whining, and constantly asking for updates are the quickest way to get me to drop the commission. 


(no subject)

you mixed the ingredients

as i with a sleepy halo of nappy hair

asked could i have coffee


the best thing your enormous pink-palmed paws ever did

was those burritos

hefty and warm, big as newborns

with a core of pork green chile and potatoes

meant to be mined slowly, deliberately.

BTO seeped out the windows and you played


air guitar

and we drove around hawking them to day laborers

and white men with blackened calloused hands

whose breath turned to frost in their beards.

and you gave them free to hungry hungover men

who couldn't afford to pay.

i asked

could i have one


and i watched your kind brown face as i ate, warm in a scratchy blanket

a heartspace i tried to recreate

as i ate my life

in huge



(no subject)

i buried our lost legacy in the unforgiving earth

beneath the cottonwood that clogged the street with its own

a childish thing to do, you said

but it was an act borne of a greater consciousness

hoping some explorer would hold my golden heart and its years in its leather bag

in palms haloed by floating unborn trees


and know i lived

and died


under the tree you hated


my sneakers, my knees rubbed wetly green here
in this duskybuzzing field
and this cylinder cell cool in my grimy hands
which are fireflies?
which are wasps?


these words taste bright and acid
like pennies
i can't afford to spend


kill my secrets
keep my silence


up here
in these spiderwoven rafters
they look to me
the way i look to them


down here
in the cold earth of this rabbit hole
no one looks to me
at all

Poetry Month #1

you can't blow this out
she said
fourteen year old lips cracked and glossed and curled carelessly around a cigarette

fuck that I said
im a hurricane
i am gale force
my lungs are cavernous
i have strengthened them
screaming poetlovers down off of roofs
wailing in streets

the lighter fluid hissed and stunk

i blew it out
and the fumes shimmered and made a mirage of my question mark face
my brown hands out in a rappers thoughtless boast

and she flicked her cigarette still scarlettipped

my hand precision instrument of lovemaking
dough kneading
garment rending
burned there shiny and raw abortion pink

in the gap between chaos and order

(no subject)

8:57 am: Oh fuck. Shit. Overslept. Chemistry exam in two hours, hardly prepared. Am, possibly, screwed.

9:30 Seawater chemical physics is the most specific, random and boring subject I've ever studied.

11:32: Done with the exam.. That wasn't.. too... horrible.

(no subject)

7:25 am. Max would love me if I just had the dignity to be groggy, cranky and miserable in the mornings like everyone else. I admit it, I'm a morning person. I just love mornings, and if I haven't taken downers the night before I bounce out of bed in tandem with my overeager puppy. Drives him insane, as before nine am Max would slaughter your cattle and cause pestilence on your crops.

9:05 I want a bagel. Can I? I only ate a few hundred kcal yesterday. will not have lunch if I do. Decisions.

9:10 Agonizing. I want a salad. Damn my body's weird-ass cravings.

9:11 To hell with the body's cravings. Bagel it is.

9:20 God damn they put a lot of cream cheese on this. Scraping off.

9:30 My bagel surgery {scraping off cheese, peeling off skin) is attracting weird looks. I'll never be normal.

(no subject)

Don't judge me, but I watched Bridget Jones' Diary the other day. It made me want to start updating again, and stop flooding FA with my silly journal posts.

Max had his first therapy session today, it seemed to go well. Dr. Spaceman (as we call him, a la 30 Rock; his real name is Clift-Willoughby) is a brilliant therapist, or so it seemed from the initial intake for which I was present. Chick Fil A after that. It was a lovely bright day, has been nice weather. Yesterday Max and I went on a picnic with Teek to the park.

Now for laundry. I want to get done in time to study and practice my mandolin. <3

6:23 PM Nothing sucks more than being -watched and -faved. Well, a lot of things do. But that sucks an awful lot.

6:24 Laundry now, for real.

9:10 Am extremely accomplished housewife. Am not, however, extremely accomplished musician; couldn't even get the damn mandolin tuned. I wish musical ability was acquired through osmosis, not plugging my way doggedly through Polly Wolly Doodle on an off-key mandolin. I'd put my hands on Chris Thile's face and make a million dollars fast.

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